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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dear Cassie Hanjian,

Kurt L Hanson
298 Saint Marks Place A3
Staten Island, New York 10301-1855

(646) 726-0546

Cassie Hanjian
Waxman Leavell Literary Agency 80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1101
New York, NY 10011

Howdy Cassie Hanjian,

... and, have I got an inventive concept for you.

Late 1960's and during my early teen years of biological existence upon this good Earth I was presented with three questions of magnitude:
  • How did all this get here? 
  • Why am I here? 
  • What is the meaning of life?
Three seemingly unanswerable questions first pondered by the sages from antiquity, and undoubtedly presented to the students of Socrates and Aristotle, and to a few select others of unrecorded history, and now for I to ponder upon, I imagined.

Following decades I would entertain myself during moments of places to go, people to see, and things to do with the quest to bring answers to these three questions.

My tome, A Treatise on the Nature of Life was registered with the U.S. Copyright Office on the eleventh day of June 1984. What caused me to seek copyright status to this first initial collection of thoughts was after a lucid flash of insight allowed me to realize the application of simple Cartesian mathematics upon the several different forms of biological life I had categorized. 

The Cartesian graphs involve polar opposites: pain paired with joy, love paired with hate, and my treatise is written such that those four elementary, grade-school level words (and others I utilize within the graphs of my treatise) are interchangeable with and synonymous to other concise, esoteric words depending upon context. My treatise has been written intending for the ideas to be quickly transmitted and understood by a young person with a remedial understanding of the sciences and also to those honored with summa cum laude. 

Cassie Hanjian, I have discovered a most fascinating thing. I would feel privileged if you would allow me an opportunity to explain further in the hope that you will eventually appreciate what I have discovered. A paradigm shift is in progress. 

My treatise collates similarities found within the simple one-celled organism on up to the human form of life, and what was for months of reading and editing only a progression of thoughts transmitted by reading from a medium of ink and paper and then pondered upon in the confines of mind, by utilizing Cartesian graphs to categorize each of the simple-to-complex types of life forms, for the first time I had surprisingly transformed a mundane read of my treatise into an almost magical portal where I found myself as if perched within another dimension "outside" of this four dimensional universe of space and time we exist inside of. This perch I speak of is a vista view as if I were sharing a place, situated adjacent to God, and enabling me to also focus upon certain biological parameters from the many types of life forms. 

I was raised and became a skeptical Catholic, but I am and have always been cognizant realizing Jesus is aware of me and the thoughts I have in my mind at any and every given moment of life; like I'm in a perpetual and constant state of prayer with God simply by thinking thoughts, so I have to imagine that this vista view that my treatise conjures to mind is an actual reality, and I have discovered a …? an instrument of the Creator God. A jewel: a mathematical jewel. 

"And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you always, the Spirit of truth, which the world cannot accept, because it neither sees nor knows it. But you know it, because it remains with you, and will be in you." John 14:16,17 NAB 

My treatise paints a novel mathematical perspective upon archaic biblical attitudes, and words such as Spirit, and so much more …, so many avenues of thought can be entertained utilizing the perspectives my treatise creates. Were I to have access to and become familiar with other mathematical tools I would venture to state that my treatise may be a foundation, a door or a key to bring proof for the existence of a Creative Entity. 

..., Cassie Hanjian, you would do well to allow me time to further lecture you and to have you to eventually appreciate the discovery I have made. A paradigm shift will be in progress, with you and I at the helm, steering this– 

I digress.

I have incorporated my treatise into a 120,000+ word manuscript entitled, My Quest For Computer Cognition. The story allows my treatise to have credibility because the treatise is the endeavor of the protagonist. Who would denigrate or look down upon the inspiration and ambition of one seeking the systems and methods inside a collection of neurons that give rise to the emerging state of cognition and volition?

The Quest For Computer Cognition manuscript was self-published in 2009 by iUniverse, and I have not publicized nor promoted the book other than linking to it from my website. The ideas in my treatise cannot be protected with legal structures. I have no legal protection for the ideas within my treatise, and were my treatise to become public I'd lose control of any pecuniary advantages that could've been had from a proper, more robust initial presentation. Best if I have a grand first public presentation. Afterwards, copycats similar to Pepsi with Coca-Cola come out of the woodwork and everything more or less is for grabs. 

Events of the protagonist are loosely based from events in my personal life: Kurt Machaen Soldier, a fictional high school student will write A Treatise On The Nature of Life for an extra credit biology class paper. He moves to New York City after graduation; employed as a taxi driver he watches the Terminator movie one evening and begins to explore how to begin devising a computer system mimicking biological cognition; the treatise he wrote being a template of sorts to guide and focus his thoughts towards this challenging, almost impossible endeavor: a computer system with the capacity for volition

Cassie Hanjian, I realize you are of a Christian mindset. When future individuals create life forms with a capacity for volition, when future people do initially create some type of life form with the cognition similar to a dog or a cat, they will be like ...? like a god or similar to our God who also creates Life, you know? This avenue of thought is one of many paths my book brings to a reader's attention. Kurt Soldier begins writing screenplays, hoping to bring some real money to himself to relieve him from the twelve hour day taxi driving job, ... suggesting now I am that were my treatise incorporated into future movie scripts such as James Cameron's Terminator and Disney Pixar's animated movie, Inside Out, perhaps I could be relieved of my present twelve hour day job, too :) 

Ms. Hanjian, were I given an opportunity to explain the mathematical progression of thought within my treatise to you so that you yourself realize perceiving yourself as if God peering upon all the biological life It has created? Well, I'll assume biblical verses such as the one above will certainly take on a fresh, new perspective, and let me say to you right now: my treatise and my novel will someday gross larger revenue and be more influential to young folk than the Harry Potter series caused. 

..., or so I like to think :) 

I have not offered my treatise and novel to another literary agency for representation. I offer this proposal to you and Waxman Leavell as the first agency for presenting the particulars of my treatise and novel, and that I be given time either through further email communications over a five, ten day period of time, or I could have material on my computer ready to compliment a one hour lecture at Starbucks over coffee durning a weekday evening or weekend afternoon to more completely describe the treatise and the discovery I have made. 

I am concerned that my ideas will become plagiarized were I to submit proposals to too many other agencies.

I offer this link to a ten minute YouTube video overview of my Treatise on the Nature of Life to further spur an interest with you and any other representatives of the Waxman Leavell Literary Agency to bring my treatise into the public domain:


If I have or have not piqued your curiosity with this communique, please inform me as soon as possible. I want to make the year 2017 notable, and I thank you for your time. 




P.S. I've always wondered how the agent for J.K. Rowling finagled the publishers at Scholastic Magazine to consider the do-ability of her first Harry Potter manuscript. My treatise has no magic; it's logical and rational train of thought, basically. It's the real McCoy. Best if my treatise ideas were integrated within several different media presentations for people to ponder different angles of context. What culture or nation today will produce the person or group to write the paper of Papers detailing the systems and methods inside of a collection of neurons that give rise to "that thing in the back of your eyes?" Once my treatise becomes public, in short order the race will be on between nations and cultures. 



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  2. Hanjian banned me from her Twitter account two weeks after announcing queries for the month had been looked at and I had not received a response. Most Christians today are a pedantic, pathetic lot. So it goes.

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  4. To the Putzville Christian crowd: Isaiah 29:13ff … http://www.usccb.org/bible/isaiah/29/

    … and by a "work" involving my faith I accomplished what your feeble faith alone did not. Smoke it, pal.