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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Heaven Sent, Or So I Like To Think

A short update on Christmas Day.

I want to render this graphic illustration into as realistic a drawing of my own using Serif's Affinity Designer and Photo apps; perhaps Sketchbook Pro if the brushes cannot blend to my liking:

Brain/Eyeball Peripheral Nerves

This brain/eyeball graphic is from a Visible Body iPad app.

I have to quickly get up to speed with the apps, and also learn enough to realize the techniques for blending and shading to reproduce the folds of the brain. I purchased their book to explain the basics for the Affinity Designer app, and after much searching and browsing the internet found exactly what I was looking for to become familiar with blending and shading technique from the YouTube channel and videos from Paris Christou.

I'm disappointed with myself not utilizing the Strata Design 3D software as much as I would've liked.

I'm always finding ways to challenge myself 🖖🏻

Onward …!

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