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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Still Alive and Well

Were I to willy-nilly publicize the ideas within my treatise those more astute in the academic community would take hold of it and make it their own. I have to be careful who I want to see and read it.

Rhetorically, what do you think of the camouflage surrounding this website?

I read somewhere that Scholastic magazine was responsible for Harry Potter's J. K. Rowling to get a foot in the door. I could be wrong but imagine being an author and to even think of submitting your manuscript there, or an agent who has connections at Scholastic to talk the talk and to eventually succeed in convincing those who make the gears turn of the 'scripts money-making potential, and thus generating hundreds of millions of dollars for little Scholastic. I've received letters from publishers stating, That's not what we publish. Some agents are better than others; some plagiarize submissions. I have to be careful whose eyes will be brought to the mathematics in my treatise. Others happily could apply legal structures to it and publicly run with it and leave me in the dust.

It's war. I'm still alive and well.