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Biology Class with Kurt Soldier

High school sophomore Kurt Soldier leads his biology classmates into a discussion about the paper he's written entitled, A Treatise on the Nature of Life.

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Watching the Last Three Seconds of the Life of a Frog with a Firecracker in Its Mouth

Waking early Sunday morning, I turn to face up to the ceiling and then glance around the room to wonder, what do I want to do this morning? … and to picture the screen of the Kindle Fire HDX in hand. I want to definitely finish reading, Go Set a Watchman, the manuscript Harper Lee first submitted to a publisher before editors mangled out the classic, To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm interested to read how Miss Lee came across fresh before being cooked by the professionals. Yesterday, I remember crushing to silence another banana in the comments section of a post in Goodreads …, ha! "to jolt daffiness to giggles," that– a good line.

My MacBook Pro …, a big fan of Apple, I am. Let's fire her up …!

OSXDaily features an audio engineer's workstation. What this audio engineer guy does or did recently? A documentary called, Toucan Nation

Toucan Nation

The story is set in Costa Rica. Youngsters cut off one of the two beaks of a bird; people attempting to bring awareness to animal cruelty. God almighty …! They show children with the President of Costa Rica, petitioning the President to pass laws to punish …, I suppose to punish those kids if they're ever found …, groups of people attempting to find ways to bring awareness to the root causes of violence. A prosthetic beak is made and attached to the bird …

Were I or anyone to make a habit of torturing animals, then best be told there are a couple of loose screws in the canoe. 

The root cause of violence? A more sober, rational perspective of the Creator in the minds of the masses would be the ticket. Laws? Another clanky, clacky provision for conduct under penalty of law?