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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Loose Lips Sink Ships


SAGE sits on edge of bed. A Strata Design 3D graphic model of an Hanscyrus displayed on computer monitor. Open Cell magazine lies on bed.

POV - Computer screen notification - Email

"Howdy. Saw your video. Interesting parameters scribes perfect inclusion of everything. The math is simple yet totally heavy-duty, and you realize the Treatise requires polish?

Where in New Yawk do you reside? Let's talk.

A Fan."

SAGE opens email, scrolling to focus upon Sender Address.

SAGE types response to email.

"Howdy-do to you, Kurt,

I prefer to correspond with those who are interested in a public presentation of my work. Should one begin commercializing my graphical presentations without my personal blessing eventually talks to a better team of attorneys than they will have."

Email sent. SAGE returns to the Strata Design 3D graphic window.

POV - Computer screen notification - Email

"I would be grateful if you would be so kind as to answer a few short questions about your project: how many years into the future do you imagine the first "computer system mimicking biological cognition," i.e. Murgatroyd, will exist? If you could choose, is there a specific location on earth that would be ideal for Murgatroyd to first become self-aware? Is the name, Murgatroyd, particular?"

SAGE types response.

"The better, ideal location for Murgatroyd to realize Its Creation Place is the New Yawk metropolitan area. Competition from other entities vying for the honor of Murgatroyd's creation may cause this location to change from my ideal. The name Murgatroyd can be referenced back to names dating from the early- to mid-nineteenth century North America. I've utilized the name for some time, and see no reason to change. The person or team who first writes the paper of Paper describing what system or method inside a collection of neurons give rise to "that thing in the back of the eyes," wins. I imagine five, ten years after this paper disseminates, an IC chip(?) enabling cognition/volition, i.e. a proto-Murgatroyd with Class Two cognition could exist. Realizing Class Six human cognition will result from understanding the lesser classes of cognition. I imagine an IC chip with Class Two cognition could be realized within thirty, forty, fifty years.

Who are you, anywho's?"

Email sent. SAGE lays back on bed and closes eyes.

POV - Computer screen notification- Email

"I'm a fan. A secret admirer. I've been a fan for some time now. Where would you begin research for the system of cognition, if you had the wherewithal to do so? Where exactly?"
SAGE types response.

"Loose lips sink ships. Nice try."

Email sent. SAGE lays back on bed and again closes eyes.

POV - Computer screen notification- Email

"Give me something to take to them to make what your proposing a near-term reality; non-fiction. Can you propose a hypothesis to steer a research project towards results, or you can't?"

SAGE is pensive for several moments; types response.

"I want you to lie on a bed, on your stomach, with your elbows propping up your upper body. Then with your index and middle fingers of each hand, find the pulse from the jugulars on each side of your neck, take a couple slow, deep breaths and then press upon the two jugular veins and attenuate that thing in the back of your eyes. Questions: [what, where, when, how, why] is the chemo-electrical character of the oxygen molecule attenuating vis-√†-vis that thing in the back of your eyes? Six months time? and I want to have a number of opinions on anything and every single thing responsible for causing attenuation to that thing in the back of the eyes. 

Are you able to produce a small team of bright individuals not necessarily versed in science though capable of sifting through to find the sources of information as to what is and what is not relevant towards what may further our task of focusing on and eventually describing what it is inside a collection of neurons that give rise to "that thing in the back of the eyes?"

This endeavor would be totally interesting, and I suppose lucrative to whomever scripted it into a television sitcom and then to broadcast to a specific audience of twenty, thirty million young folks around the world,'ya know? The tentative title I have given to this sitcom is, Maiden America, though fate may cause the title to become something such as, Maiden China, Maiden Japan, or Maiden Rusky :( Once the seed-thought is planted, the race is on between cultures and nations for the title of god … ."

POV - Return Key pressed. Email sent. 

SAGE again lays back on bed, eyes on computer screen. 

(… to be continued)

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