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Friday, September 25, 2015

Catholics In Action

White House fans of the pope

I'll judge this Pope. Inferring from his words and behavior he has no active, reciprocating type of relationship with the Creator. His mind knows only words written by others inside books; he's a pedant. Praying for hours and days in a monastery and his mind is now out of synch with the will, intentions, and demeanor of the Creator. Francis possesses neither an intimate knowledge of the person of Jesus who lived on this Earth, nor grasps but an archaic sense of the will, intentions, the demeanor of the Creator and Its purpose for creating us, Its human creation. 

Jesus did not intend and utilize his capacity for miracles as a suggestion to others to begin to establish the principles for a world government with socialist ideals. The soul of the individual was stressed of import. Jesus (over the years of talk with Mary and Joseph) obviously found and developed good reasons for not speaking and expounding upon socialist doctrine for all future times. Francis has gleaned neither these reasons from Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, nor little else about the person, the man, Jesus, through his active prayer life. Francis' prayers and the prayers of his closest confidants are out of synch with the mind of Jesus.

For Its own good reasons the Creator designed all children both physically and psychologically to behave as non-sexual creatures. Did the Creator ever "talk" to their "prophet" Mo about Its design of children as non-sexual creatures? Did the Creator talk to their prophet during or after his moments of enjoying himself, over and over and over again with a twelve year old girl? One has to only imagine that a fifty-plus year old so-called prophetic mind is willfully engaging his thoughts for the want to become aroused while he plays with the twelve year old Aisha, eventually to have the so-called prophet sperming inside the twelve year old over and over and over again, and then to further imagine THE CREATOR GAVE NO REVELATIONS TO THIS SO-CALLED PROPHET, basically to, "KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE KID." There are no Islamist texts describing a revelation from the Creator to their Mo about Aisha in this regard. I can only conclude then that with no talking-to from the Creator to this their so-called prophet, Mo never did have any type of intimate relationship and thus had no conversations with the Creator, not if this subject was never brought up. All of Mohamed's purported revelations from the Creator are fabrications and concoctions of the mind. Francis and his confederates have gleaned no answers in this regard from the Creator either, through their prayer time. Apparently they read alot of books describing Islam as a religion of peace, and converse with the-many-very-important-people about subjects in a similar vein. So it goes.

Are Francis and those surrounding him on a daily basis ignorant? Ask me, and I'll say they're not clueless at all. They're deliberately avoiding a confrontation. A confrontation that will eventually destroy the legitimacy of the Islamist religion in the minds of the masses. But being weak as they are in spirit and will, He seeks only "peace" by nodding support to the Islamist definition of the Creator's will, intentions, demeanor and purpose for life to us, the Creator's human creation, by advocating the Islamist books as legitimate transmissions of the Creator. Too many mistakes from these Catholic men purporting a relationship with the Creator. I can only conclude the Catholic Church has evolved into a collection of those without favor from the Creator, with little or no synchronicity between them and the Creative Entity. 

Perhaps there will be a few who will rise up and turn the Church around at some future time.

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