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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Polish To Perfection For A Landslide Election

The Donald J. Trump website

Were Mr. Trump to present the idea to an audience how within two generations time, after devastation from war the leaders of the Western nations in concert with those of the nations of Germany and Japan have again! brought the majority of their populace to prosperity from constructive, industrious endeavors, and to imagine after months of rehashing the many avenues of thought and discourse generated from acknowledging such, the ideal time and place to publicly introduce this idea is at the debate between Mr. Trump and the Democratic Party nominee.

How did the people of these two nations accomplish such a feat? Mr. Trump dominates the conversation not with specific facts for how, but simply stating in different ways that the feat can be accomplished again and again and again to almost any region and to any group of people. The trap has been set to butt heads towards those with negative responses which are only of the theme, 'They can't. We can't. I can't.' Mr. Trump's opponents can be pounced upon in caustic, sardonic fashion, too. :) 

Referring to a model of accomplishment from Germany and Japan, Mr. Trump unveils a vision for transforming the entire world, and with talking points fleshed out in advance, all naysayers become only the obstacles towards accomplishing the goals …, within two generations time. 

Flesh out the talking points. Timing is important. Done correctly and Mr. Trump has touched the hearts and minds of all people, persuading them of a practical solution rectifying the ills placed upon so many emigrant people by the actions of today's generation of leaders. 

Employing the accomplishments of two nations and Mr. Trump, a capitalist business man who is perfect for this type of talk to the public, will cause a landslide victory from a groundswell of grassroots support.

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  1. "We're talking two of the top five leading economic powers of the world today. They went from rubble to prosperity in only two generations time. How did they do that?! Why is it other nations have never picked themselves up even once?"

    "Mark my words: I only require competent, dedicated people to work with and I'll have every nation south of the Rio Grande as prosperous as any of the fifty States, in two generations time."

    "Who's to say, I can't? We can't."