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Sunday, September 20, 2015

I Realize The Source, And No One Else?

What did Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Robin Williams, Freddy Trump and many, many others both living and dead have in common? They had hallucinogenic molecules trickling into their bloodstream at puberty which for years, day after day, hour after hour caused episodes where they imagine their anus is the vagina; they have a woman "trapped" inside their bodies, etc., etc. Some men easily succumb to these molecules and, eventually, are all giddy standing with others on a float in their underwear at a gay pride parade. Others like the above mentioned individuals, and soldiers, are of the caliber such that they will never succumb but one day decide enough is enough and end it all.

New York Times - September 19th 2015

Throw all the psychology books in all the libraries in all Western universities into the Dumpsters, is my thought. I'm a huge pharmacology fan, but the psychotropics gotta go, too. Until the word, hallucinogen is fleshed out and rationalized to the young folks of this and the next generation, so that an understanding of what is happening can be explained to all, the yak from (I couldn't thunk of a proper adjective at the moment) politicians, pedantic academics, and the bogus religious authorities will remain the flapdoodle and claptrap that it is. Because how I came to know what I know on this matter is illegal, but others have paid for the privilege enabling them to search in vain for the same clues and information gleaned from inside the tangential thoughts of academic books and lecture hall cackle.

Who is prepared to introduce the word hallucinogen to the boys and girls in a classroom? I am, but others will by hand of fate.

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