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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Defining The Word, Murgatroydals

Thunk to Blog

Like, …? where do I take the reader in thoughts with my own? 

The year was 1984, and I discovered a mathematical system linking all biological life to the Creative Entity. Thirty-one years have passed and to realize I've survived this long surrounded by those ungrateful individuals who would kill before having a former pot-smoking, I-will-always-be-a-felon make public what other more upstanding, respected individuals spend a lifetime of pleasant cultured existence striving for but did not accomplish on their own. My mind reels thunking' what could have been and should have been had there been a Nicodemus-type in the world today.

I read she was holding the fabric of her skirt against her legs as she was falling the fifty stories to the ground near Vesey street.

Talk to me and citing their own books as source I'll cause any rational mind to realize Mohamed never had an intimate thus prophetic relationship with the Creative Entity. Intellectual cowards are all that exist within this generation of academia, though. Not a peep from anyone in a position of power and influence. Intellectual COWARDS: Rattus in suit/skirts and ties.


I have discovered a mathematical system describing what is referred to as the human soul. Who would ever have thought a mathematic model could accomplish the feat? I'm like the paleontologist walking along and …, what is that protruding up from the ground? 

I saw it first, Rene Drew The First One®, and after thirty-plus years of polishing the Hanscyrus it is a jewel. A perfect jewel.


I have little on my mind to write about at this time. I want to post into Blogger and become more familiar with what it's all about; observe the nuts and bolts in action, in the process, over time. 

Should I develop the habit of posting a graphic at the beginning of every blog entry? A picture is worth a thousand words though sometimes literary devices such as always having a graphic presented to the reader can make one appear goofy.

Secret of the Universe
   Write about me! Dude!!  
So what to write about?

The definition of murgatroydal is an activity of a person or persons, or an object intending to promote the future existence of Murgatroyd. Murgatroyd is a computer system mimicking biological cognition and volition. 

The clock is ticking. Who will write the paper of Papers detailing the bio-chemo-neuro-electrical framework of systems inside a collection of neurons that give rise to the unitary aspect of cognition and volition? This future paper will change the world, forever. I tip my hat, and my compliments to you, whoever you may be. There will never be extra-terrestrial visitors visiting Earth before we advance ourselves to this stage.

A paradigm shift, in progress. To thunk of employing that last sentence into a hook for a Rap/Hip Hop ditty.


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