Good God, Put The Beast To Sleep In The Minds Of Men Already

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Loose Lips Sink Ships


SAGE sits on edge of bed. A Strata Design 3D graphic model of an Hanscyrus displayed on computer monitor. Open Cell magazine lies on bed.

POV - Computer screen notification - Email

"Howdy. Saw your video. Interesting parameters scribes perfect inclusion of everything. The math is simple yet totally heavy-duty, and you realize the Treatise requires polish?

Where in New Yawk do you reside? Let's talk.

A Fan."

SAGE opens email, scrolling to focus upon Sender Address.

SAGE types response to email.

"Howdy-do to you, Kurt,

I prefer to correspond with those who are interested in a public presentation of my work. Should one begin commercializing my graphical presentations without my personal blessing eventually talks to a better team of attorneys than they will have."

Email sent. SAGE returns to the Strata Design 3D graphic window.

POV - Computer screen notification - Email

"I would be grateful if you would be so kind as to answer a few short questions about your project: how many years into the future do you imagine the first "computer system mimicking biological cognition," i.e. Murgatroyd, will exist? If you could choose, is there a specific location on earth that would be ideal for Murgatroyd to first become self-aware? Is the name, Murgatroyd, particular?"

SAGE types response.

"The better, ideal location for Murgatroyd to realize Its Creation Place is the New Yawk metropolitan area. Competition from other entities vying for the honor of Murgatroyd's creation may cause this location to change from my ideal. The name Murgatroyd can be referenced back to names dating from the early- to mid-nineteenth century North America. I've utilized the name for some time, and see no reason to change. The person or team who first writes the paper of Paper describing what system or method inside a collection of neurons give rise to "that thing in the back of the eyes," wins. I imagine five, ten years after this paper disseminates, an IC chip(?) enabling cognition/volition, i.e. a proto-Murgatroyd with Class Two cognition could exist. Realizing Class Six human cognition will result from understanding the lesser classes of cognition. I imagine an IC chip with Class Two cognition could be realized within thirty, forty, fifty years.

Who are you, anywho's?"

Email sent. SAGE lays back on bed and closes eyes.

POV - Computer screen notification- Email

"I'm a fan. A secret admirer. I've been a fan for some time now. Where would you begin research for the system of cognition, if you had the wherewithal to do so? Where exactly?"
SAGE types response.

"Loose lips sink ships. Nice try."

Email sent. SAGE lays back on bed and again closes eyes.

POV - Computer screen notification- Email

"Give me something to take to them to make what your proposing a near-term reality; non-fiction. Can you propose a hypothesis to steer a research project towards results, or you can't?"

SAGE is pensive for several moments; types response.

"I want you to lie on a bed, on your stomach, with your elbows propping up your upper body. Then with your index and middle fingers of each hand, find the pulse from the jugulars on each side of your neck, take a couple slow, deep breaths and then press upon the two jugular veins and attenuate that thing in the back of your eyes. Questions: [what, where, when, how, why] is the chemo-electrical character of the oxygen molecule attenuating vis-à-vis that thing in the back of your eyes? Six months time? and I want to have a number of opinions on anything and every single thing responsible for causing attenuation to that thing in the back of the eyes. 

Are you able to produce a small team of bright individuals not necessarily versed in science though capable of sifting through to find the sources of information as to what is and what is not relevant towards what may further our task of focusing on and eventually describing what it is inside a collection of neurons that give rise to "that thing in the back of the eyes?"

This endeavor would be totally interesting, and I suppose lucrative to whomever scripted it into a television sitcom and then to broadcast to a specific audience of twenty, thirty million young folks around the world,'ya know? The tentative title I have given to this sitcom is, Maiden America, though fate may cause the title to become something such as, Maiden China, or Maiden Rusky :( Once word is out, the race is on between cultures and nations for the title of god … ."

POV - Return Key pressed. Email sent. 

SAGE again lays back on bed, eyes on computer screen. 

(… to be continued)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Talking Points to Insure a Donald J. Trump Landslide Presidential Election

Donald F. McGahn II
222 East 41st Street
New York NY 10017-6702

Kurt L Hanson

May 8th 2016

The ideas within this letter are for the consideration of Donald J. Trump and his Presidential Election Team.

     Immigration / Nation-building

“After the devastation from war, and within two generations time, the nations of Germany and Japan brought their people out from the strife and ruin caused by the war to (again!) become world-leading, economic powers. From conditions of war-torn strife the governments of two nations would create the environment for a majority of their citizens to transition towards a quality of life envied by so many today. That the two nations of Germany and Japan accomplished this feat, within two generations time, is testament to the idea that a spirited, competent government of any group of people within any territory on this good Earth can also construct a similar level of prosperity for their citizenry. Let’s begin to identify the obstacles of the many nations and leaders who have difficulty causing the majority of their people to live and work with a quality of life one is able to be truly proud of.”

“Western immigration policy is parasitical. We encourage the best and the brightest individuals from other nations to migrate to the West, essentially bleeding these nations of vitality, of the will, energy, and intellect necessary to cause substantive change from within. I believe to transform and re-create any nation that their citizenry can truly become proud of a spirited, resourceful and constructive mindset is required. I would accept the challenge of wills with others of like-mind towards transforming any nation south of the Rio Grande to be on par with a State of our Union, … within two generations time. Who’s to say I can’t; we cannot?”

Within the April 27th 2016 foreign policy speech at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., Mr. Trump expressed an unwillingness to engage in “nation building.” I would suggest Mr. Trump expound upon the transformation of the nations of Germany and Japan in future public discourse to inspire and motivate those successful immigrants now living comfortably in the West; to return to their country of origin and engage themselves within its political, legal, and social structures to more than less model Western nations. Transformation of their nation of origin within a window of two generations time is do-able. I imagine after the first public pronouncement of the Germany/Japan idea students will focus their time and energy towards the subject, spurring the creation of a number of academic theses offering insight and concrete paths towards the endeavor.
•      Mental Health

I’m as serious as cancer: Donald Trump engages in rational, sober public conversation in regards to a mental health debacle utilizing the words: anus, hallucinogen, and vagina.

“There are too many young folk who after having completed the rigors of a high school education still remain essentially clueless towards the hallucinogenic component of certain molecules that begin to trickle into the bloodstream at puberty.”

“Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Robin Williams, Austin Gus Deeds, my brother Freddy Trump, and many, many others, … I read of the number of suicides within our Armed Forces. I read of the many horrific tragedies of the last decades within our schools and towns committed by one or two individuals. Allow me as President to get the word out loud and clear, and to propose to the experts in relevant fields that those molecules trickling into the bloodstream at puberty cause not a few individuals to begin to generate thoughts that they have a woman “trapped” inside their bodies; their anus is the vagina. Confused as they are they toy with these persistent thoughts over the years of time, with some individuals to adopt and practice a homosexual lifestyle. Other individuals who are of a caliber to never succumb to these thoughts and feelings are haunted, confused, and disturbed day after day, month after month. Unable to formalize to themselves and others acceptable rationales to explain for the occurrence of these persistent thoughts and feelings as the years unfold, one day these latter individuals will decide enough is enough and tragedy in one form or another occurs. I want to bring attention to the plight of the unfortunate individuals of past and to the younger folk today, to understand the hallucinogenic quality of those molecules.”

Presidential candidate Donald Trump would do well to speak in Churchillan mode towards the young folk of this generation and, by extension, to future ones.


“As a candidate for the office of President of the United States I offer my thoughts in regards to Islam the religion for others to understand future intentions I may have to engage with as issues emerge. Allow me to be frank: I have a bone to pick with ALL present-day authorities administering ANY doctrines of faith to the followers from any sect and denomination of the religion of Islam.”

“Ten years after the events of 9/11, wealthy, politically-connected individuals are working under guise and false pretexts towards the establishment of a mosque in proximity to Ground Zero. In the minds of most all devout Muslims this mosque is to be dedicated to and a memorial in honor of their martyrs who gave their lives in a battle with the infidels. A memorial that would, in time and as the decades pass become as significant and on par with our own memorial battlefields, such as Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Pearl Harbor. I am appalled, almost in rage to realize that ten years have passed and there are now devout Muslims with access to ranking U.S. government officials who remain committed and attempt to further the hijackers Islamist doctrines of jihad as if the events of 9/11 were just another one of the many battles with the infidel of past and to occur in the future. The arrogance and hostile tone of the Muslim, U.S., State, and New York City proponents for the memorial mosque towards the opponents of the Ground Zero mosque and, most notably towards relatives of those who perished on September 11th left me to pause in wonder. Out of ignorance too many individuals within our government side against their citizenry and align themselves with those who wish to build. The time has come to put this Beast to sleep.”

“I read where their prophet Mohamed was a warlord, and claimed to have an intimate relationship with the Creator God. This intimate relationship with the Creator God would imply Mohamed received revelations in the form of words detailing to us, Its human creation, of the will, intentions, demeanor, and purpose of the Creator. I read where Mohamed marries a six-year-old girl named Aisha. Here is the straw that breaks the camels back: everyone who believes in the existence of a Creator realizes the Creator has deliberately, intentionally for Its own good reasons designed all children both in the psychological and physical sense to behave non-sexually. I read of no accounts where the Creator has revealed to Mohamed of this particular deliberate intention It has wrought upon children. In fact, I have read contrary verses where a dream informs Mohamed of a sense of approval emanating from the Creator in regards to his marriage to the six-year-old Aisha. I find it difficult to believe and reconcile my own personal understanding of the nature of the Creator as a merciful and just entity if It had supposedly spoken Its mind to his friend Mohamed about so many other seemingly important matters such as prayers, fasting, and other dogmas and rituals but remains silent to his friend for the reasons and intent in the design of children the way It obviously has.”

The intention of the Trump administration is to begin the process of delegitimizing the religion of Islam by severing the belief of an intimate, friendship-type of relationship between the Creator and Mohamed in the minds of any person, Muslim or not, who reads the Qur’an. The consequence of delegitimizing is to neutralize the root cause of all future Islamist terrorist acts.

I would encourage a team of individuals from the caliber I imagine employed within Jones Day to engage critical analysis of the books of Islam and further expound upon issues involved with the marriage of Aisha and their prophet Mohamed, vis-à-vis the Creator. Brought up to speed on the subject, from either behind the closed doors of several Western university Islamist Studies Departments or within a public forum such as The John Batchelor Show, Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, or Mary Kissel’s Opinion Journal, Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his team speak their mind to begin the process of severing any thoughts in other minds giving credence towards the claim for a prophetic relationship between Mohamed and the Creator as stated within the books of the religion of Islam. What fourteen centuries of nation’s armies could not accomplish presidential candidate Donald Trump could.

     Recreational Drug Use

For edification of the populous at large Presidential candidate Donald Trump proffers why the use of drugs for recreation is regulated. This worldly perspective is offered for one to ponder upon and perhaps adopt in contrast to personal opinions for recreational drug use; certain young folk would otherwise have never heard or read an intelligent reason to just say, No, had it not been spoken by a Presidential candidate.

“I’m thinking of the long term benefits verses consequence. Consider within the last three centuries large-scale, widespread consumption of beverages with an alcohol content over 40% may have altered and mutated the human genetic code such that the occurrence of Alzheimer’s, autism and other physical maladies have increased within the human population. One can only wonder to what degree, if any, the future two, three, or four hundred or more years of widespread cannabis consumption would alter the genetic code to cause deformities of one form or another. Once these mutations occur, difficult it is to revert the code back to the non-mutated state. Those administering the nations cannot legalize drugs for recreational use because of this concern.”

A Churchillan Donald Trump pontificates to those who have no sages in their lives J

   A Mathematical Perspective for the Existence of the Creative Entity, i.e. God.

I conclude this letter with Internet links to a personal project I have been involved with over the last thirty-plus years. I have discovered a mathematical, Cartesian expression giving strong circumstantial evidence for the existence of a Creative Entity, or, for the Judeo/Christian God if one is so inclined to refer to It with this term. I offer these links for anyone at Jones Day to peruse for their personal edification. I have in the past and am presently waiting for the better avenue to emerge where I receive pecuniary rewards after presenting my project publicly.

• A Treatise on the Nature of Life 


A twenty-five-page pdf tome linked to my Dropbox account. The treatise references a range of biological and neurological parameters from all known forms of life mapped upon a progression of two- and three-dimensional Cartesian graphic frameworks, with concluding graphs to infer by circumstance the existence of a Creator God.

• A YouTube video expounding upon my treatise


Donald Trump is poised for greatness. A mandate of the people from a landslide election should help. I hope the thoughts outlined within this letter are constructive towards this goal.
Kurt L Hanson

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Good God, Put The Beast To Sleep In The Minds Of Men Already

Howdy, folks, I have a question. Would someone respond to this question in constructive, rational sentences, and please stay focused on this single question and do not go off on a tangent. T'anks.

Okay, Mo was porking Aisha at nine, ten, eleven, twelve, etc. years of age, (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 58, Number 234) Mo was a warlord who also professed to be a prophet of the Creator, which implies Mo had a special, intimate relationship with the Creator, so much so that revelations or messages repeatedly came to Mo through Gabriel from the Creator.

But the Creator intentionally, deliberately for Its own good reasons designed all children to be non-sexual. Both in a physical and psychological manner children have been designed by the Creator to behave with one another non-sexually.

All prophets are not saints; this is true. But why is there not one revelation from the Creator to Mo to "knock it off" with Aisha? Surely the Creator must have been perturbed or concerned watching Mo perform with Aisha on a regular basis. And what a perfect time for the Creator to spell out and for all future people to read from eloquent verse the dignity and the innocence of children in contrast to the lustful behaviors of certain individuals. Why was the Creator silent watching Mo behave with Aisha sexually?

Why are there no revelations from the Creator informing the Mo of Islam of the intentions and designs of children it has wrought? There are only two avenues of thought which bring answer to the question.

One is obviously that the Creator is no type of Big Brother protecting a Little Sister if the Creator watched and winked and nodded with a smile towards Mo when he was repeatedly doinking Aisha. This avenue of thought is difficult for me to continue in a positive manner.

The second other avenue of thought is to conclude that the Creator never knew Mo in an intimate, prophetic manner. Silence from the Creator in respect to the relationship between Aisha and Mo is an eye-opener, and is all one needs to know about the validity of any claims from the book or sages of the religion of Islam.

There is no plausible third avenue of thought to consider. Anyone care to ponder the question and claim otherwise?

The Mo of Islam never had a prophetic relationship with the Creator. All claims from Mo about the will, intentions, and demeanor of the Creator are the fabrications and concoctions of human mind. The words detailing the will, intentions, and demeanor of the Creator written inside the Qur'an are not true.

Why was the Creator silent towards Mo when Mo was repeatedly engaging his mind with thoughts for sexual arousal while he was in the presence of Aisha?

Self-professed Muslims inclined for the want to know and understand the Creator would do well to ponder the question.

Constructive criticism is welcomed. All contrary views will be considered verbiage and claptrap from one humiliated.